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The Truth

It’s really amazing the lengths our ego will go to to prove that we are right. Our conscious minds think that it’s in control of everything we do. In addition, what we choose to do is better than what others choose to do.

Some people make it public and some keep this belief private, but until something bad happens we believe we would never do the wrong thing. Then, when something bad happens, we will justify our actions with a number of reasons it occurred: 

My parents didn't support me, my brother constantly put me down, my boss doesn't like me, those people are out to get me….all of these thoughts and many more are used by your conscious mind to prove that you are never wrong. It’s somebody else’s fault! 

The truth is that everything is YOUR fault. Whatever situation you find yourself in, good or bad, it’s your fault. 

The truth is that each situation that happens to us gives us an opportunity to decide how we will respond. We can respond positively or negatively, and it’s how we respond to the situation that defines our life.

I teach the boys this analogy. Imagine, if you will, an elephant and a mouse. Now visualize the mouse is on the back of the elephant. If the mouse wants to go right, do you think the elephant will do what the mouse wants?

Now imagine the mouse is your ego, or your conscious mind. The elephant is your emotions, or your unconscious mind.

Many people believe that our actions are driven by our conscious mind, that we consciously decide what to do. The truth is the majority of our decisions are controlled by our subconscious or emotional part of our brain. 

This is why when we make a poor decision we blame it on something or somebody else. We think we would never choose to do something stupid. We think we only make good decisions, that’s why good things happen to me. We think that when bad things happen, it’s never my fault.

Most people are unaware of their emotional decisions. I try to teach my boys that everything is their fault. I try to teach them that how they respond to the truth is what will lead to the best life and success in their business.

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