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There are a number of qualities or skills that I want my boys to learn so that they can live a healthy & happy lifestyle. Some of these skills are really important to learn, such as communication, leadership, empathy and persistence. Without them, they could literally sink in life. Persistence is especially hard to teach. The process is forever ongoing and can have many hiccups along the way. 

In our family our faith is foremost in our life. Each day we give gratitude to the Lord and pray that we can sacrifice our will for God’s Will for us. We consistently focus on what God has given us and the role Jesus Christ plays in our lives. It’s this faith that is at the foundation of our persistence to be great. 

Once our boys understand what they want, having the persistence to accomplish their goals can be difficult to teach. Kids tend to seek immediate feedback on their demands. When they want to win at a brand new video game, they expect to win immediately. It’s difficult for them to understand setbacks or challenges that result in failure. First, I teach them that the obstacle is the way to achieving their goal. However, teaching them to be diligent and persist on until they achieve their goal is tough. 

I teach them that you will get what you want if you keep on going. You must continue to try playing the game. You must continue to practice your jump shot. You must continue to swing that golf club. 

As they keep on trying they learn that each time they try is another opportunity for success. Eventually, they will succeed. I try to get them to trust in their faith. 

Even when things seem like there is no way they can get what they want, I tell them to press on. God is on their side. You will be rewarded, I promise. 

It’s during these tough repetitions when the end seems to be nowhere in sight that we gain most as a person - when we do what we’re supposed to do even when we receive what seems like nothing in return. 

This is the persistence that I want my boys to have. To trust and have faith that what they are doing matters, that their persistence will pay off if they stay on the course. 

This also is the opposite of the worst thing they can do, which is quit. Quitting is unacceptable. I will allow them to redirect, but never quit. There is too much to learn from being persistent. 

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