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As children our imagination is in full swing. We have many different visions that come to us and bring our stories to life. As we get older people in our life attempt to stifle our imagination. We’re told at school to act like everyone else. Don’t use your imagination to come up with solutions that are different from what’s worked in the past. Parents sell their kids to do what they’re told and don’t talk back. When we are asked what we are passionate about, what our dreams are, they attempt to restrict us with “you need to be realistic”. Any artistic venture is challenged with a more scripted life

When you’re an entrepreneur, using your imagination is a prerequisite. Not only do you have to imagine how to solve problems, you also must create value for you and your customers. SOme strategies work and others don’t, but having a creative imagination with unlimited boundaries is the best way for them to solve problems and create solutions. 

Like exercising, you must work your imagination like a muscle. The more you use it the better it gets. As you continue to work this skill, the quicker and with more clarity you will come up with solutions. 

So when the boys were younger, we always looked for ways for them to use their imagination. We had them play without objects, paint, draw, create stories, wear costumes. Now, we have a family business where we use our imagination every day to solve challenges. 

One of our family principles is to look to improve each day with a child’s imagination. We reinforce this principle with the business so that when they get older this muscle will be fully developed and they can solve problems in their life at a much clearer and quicker rate. 

It’s amazing to me how our culture suppresses many things that are good for us. I recognize that for us all to live together successfully we must create and follow boundaries. However, my experience in life has taught me that pushing boundaries is the only way we can reach our potential and achieve happiness. If my boys grow up using their imagination to solve problems, I believe there is a good chance it will lead to their best life.

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