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How 2 Kids Became Entrepreneurs

Hello, my name is Roger Armijo and I am Zach and Cooper’s dad. We commonly refer to our family as “Team Armijo”. As a group we make decisions for our family based on our family principles:

  1. Give up your own will for God’s Will for you
  2. Help others with no expectations
  3. Be grateful, stay present
  4. Look to improve every day with a child’s imagination 

During a recent family meeting we decided to start a blog on our website. We came up with several topics we would like to write about and share with you all.  One thing we’d like to talk about is helping parents teach their children to be entrepreneurs - especially what we’ve learned from our own mistakes. We’d like to teach the processes we used to get started and to stay afloat. We also want to be a source of information for the card and collectible community. Ideas we’ve thought about include how to start a website and which cards we think are worth investing in and why. We want to transfer the love we have for each other and for the hobby to all of you!

It all started with a kid’s book by Jocko Willink called “Way of the Warrior Kid: Marc’s Mission”. Uncle Jake comes to stay at Marc’s house for the summer. Uncle Jake has many lessons for Marc, chief of which is developing habits of the warrior way. Marc tells Uncle Jake he really wants a new bike and Uncle Jake tells him that for sure he can get a new bike. The thing is, Jake thinks his uncle is going to buy the bike FOR him. The big surprise to Jake is when his uncle tells him, “I’m going to teach you how to make your own money. Have you ever heard of an entrepreneur before, Marc?” Marc says he hasn’t, and asks what it is. Uncle Jake explains that an entrepreneur is a person who owns and runs their own business, and offers to teach Marc how to make his own money by taking care of their neighbors' lawns. 

At this point in the book, my boys asked me, “Can we be entrepreneurs Daddy?” I told them, “Of course! But Mommy and I think you guys are a little too young to handle a lawn mower on your own. But I’m sure we can figure something else out”. Fast forward two months, Zach found one of my old boxes of baseball cards. He asked me, “Can we sell some of these and be entrepreneurs?” I thought to myself, “Why not? They’re going to be yours one day anyway”. I then told Zach I’d talk to Mommy and let him know...

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