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Attitude & Effort

My boys are often challenging me on neutral thinking. They become so frustrated when things don’t go their way. As is natural for kids, they easily sway from really high emotionally when things go well to really low when things go against their wishes. 

Being neutral thinkers is a skill that must be developed like all mindset strategies. A bridge from life is happening to me to life is happening for me is how to handle every situation they encounter in business and in life. 

The expectation of being an entrepreneur is that things will be bad at times. Overcoming challenges can be rewarding but difficult to learn from. WHen challenges stack on top of each other they tend to sap us of our energy and promote a little voice inside us that will rationalize quitting - how it’s ok to take a break for the day. 

A skill I’ve attempted to teach my boys is that there are two things you must control every day and use to help you continue moving towards your goals - attitude & effort. This helps them overcome bad days and support good days. 

I will always judge their attitude and effort. That is what they can control. That is what they will use to counter the challenges that come their way. Our attitude will remain positive with gratitude. Our effort will consistently be the best that they can put forth. If there is a reason that prevents the positive attitude or the full effort, we will work on it together. 

I don’t judge their accomplishments by accolades or awards they receive. I judge their attitude and effort. Whenever either of those are off, I should be able to identify the issue and work together to provide a solution. 

No matter how great the challenge, I believe my boys will overcome it with a great attitude and full effort. If both are up to par then the situation will deliver a win/win. We will either make the correct decision or we will learn how to improve.

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